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Product principle
The BWP trackless flat car is a battery-powered electric flat car. The battery is installed on the flat car to directly supply power to the DC traction motor. The solid rubber wheel can rotate in any direction, and the turn is extremely flexible.
BWP trackless flat car (rubber wheel electric flat car), with battery as energy, electric steering, motor driven rubber wheel driven by reducer, no need to lay rail on the ground, can walk on the flat hard road inside the factory, with good maneuverability. Choose industrial solid tires.
The battery is made of traction battery, the motor is industrial traction DC motor. Imported stepless speed controller
Standard wireless remote control and remote control two control methods.
Product advantages
The characteristics of an electric flat car that can be driven without fuel are not available in any fuel vehicle. This feature is not only suitable for use in the factory, but also for short-distance transportation. The main features are as follows:
1. Environmental protection and energy saving, low operating costs.
2. Less investment and high return.
3. High performance, with the huge potential of high-tech sustainable development.
The trackless flat car uses a high-strength urethane rubber wheel as the drive wheel and the load wheel, which is very wear-resistant and has low maintenance cost.
The trolleyless car can be flexibly turned 360 degrees, with control buttons such as forward, backward, left turn, right turn button, speed control button, emergency stop button, abnormal light indication, power light indication, and authority key.
Product structure
The whole vehicle is composed of motor, reducer, electric appliance, wheel and electric appliance. It has many components and large power. The whole vehicle is larger than other vehicles, but it is flexible in operation.
The trolley car includes the frame, the traveling mechanism, the transmission mechanism, the motor, the battery, the control system and the accessories.
Product Usage
The trolley car has a small turning radius, and the port and dock site are relatively open, which is more conducive to the turning of the trolley car. And the table size can be customized, suitable for any tonnage, and the transfer of any cargo will be much more efficient than the forklift. The trolley will also be equipped with an audible and visual warning light and a radar detection device to ensure safe operation.
The trolley-free electric flat car adopts a solid rubber-coated wheel, which has no damage to the ground. Turning is used in the machining equipment workshop of the stone industry. It is convenient for the transportation of large equipment or workpieces during indoor and outdoor processing. It can increase the hydraulic lifting device and V. Profiles, etc.
The trolley car can be turned freely and has a small turning radius. It is suitable for logistics transportation between multiple production workshops and warehouses, such as paper mills transporting paper rolls. It can also be used to fix the route and automate the unmanned operation, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
In the transfer of heavy-duty mold products, the use of trackless flat cars, the series of flat cars with their own flexible rotation, space saving, large carrying capacity, safety and reliability and other advantages have been favored by many manufacturers.
Common problem
Q: Is there a requirement for the flat car to the ground?
Answer: Flat cars of less than 50 tons can be directly operated on the ground. Flat cars of more than 50 tons are based on the manufacturer's recommendations.
Q: Can the trackless rubber wheel mud surface be used?
A: No, the wheels are easy to be overloaded and not good for electrical appliances.
Q: Can a trackless car turn at the same time?
A: Yes, our trolleybus can make a turn while walking.
Q: How does the trackless rubber electric flat car achieve turning?
A: The trackless rubber electric flat car is driven by a double motor. It turns through the differential of the drive wheel and the universal direction of the passive wheel. Generally, the turn is small. The main reason is the speed. When the speed difference between the two wheels is large, the turn The radius is small (can be rotated in place), when the speed difference between the two wheels is very small, the flat car almost goes straight.Transfer Cart

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