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Our History
Zhonghui Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2011 by engineers and technicians engaged in industrial filtration and purification of China Aviation Industry Xinhang Group. The company takes advantage of military technology and promotes the spirit of integrity, dedication, innovation and transcendence. The company has professional and high-quality engineering and technical personnel, skilled technical staff, modern production equipment, and complete testing means. Our aim: "to provide quality products to the community, to create a happy life for the team members." Zhonghui Filtration is based on the broad mind of 鈥淕ather people's will, gather people's strength, and become people's wish鈥? and recruits talents for the benefit of mankind. Committed to the great cause of filtering and purifying protection for human production environment. With the aim of "doing the team, doing the products, and strengthening the enterprise", we will continue to work hard, be pragmatic, rigorous and efficient. In the spirit of doing business, people-oriented, market-oriented, with a boutique image. Make the "model of the filtration industry" as the direction of the team work.
Our Factory
Xinxiang Zhonghui Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing of various types of filter elements, filter bags, industrial filtration system devices, machining and non-standard products. The company mainly produces wire-wound filter elements, large flow filter elements and liquid filter elements. The company has strong technical strength, exquisite production technology, advanced processing equipment and perfect testing equipment. The company has four business divisions: hydraulic filtration, water treatment, environmental purification and vibration screening equipment. In recent years, various types of filter elements and complete sets of equipment developed and manufactured in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, coal, power generation, pharmaceutical, food and other industries have been widely used, and can completely replace imported similar products to meet customer needs.
Our Product
Main products:
(1) All kinds of oil suction filter, oil return filter, hydraulic line filter, switchable hydraulic filter, oil purification equipment (vacuum dewatering, coalescing dewatering oil filter) Cleaning filter unit, oil purification, and waste oil regeneration equipment. The product quality has reached the level of similar foreign products and replaced imports.
(2) Industrial filtration system device, melt filter, filter, filter, water filter (filter), industrial liquid filtration, powder sintering filter (copper powder, nickel powder, stainless steel powder sintering, etc.), monofilament Winding filter (also known as: wire gap filter), multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh, oil and gas separation filter, melt-blown filter, polypropylene and cotton wound filter; various, medium-effect, primary effect gas purification filter, filter.
(3) Engineering machinery parts, three filters (oil filter, fuel filter, air filter), air-cooled unit, oil heat sink;
(4) New threaded fasteners - ordinary and locking type wire screw sleeve M2-M45mm and Special tools;
(5) Vibrating screening equipment (vibration screen, linear vibrating screen, tap screen). 肖200 test set sieve.
(6) development and production of non-standard products, imported filter and filter localization.
Product Application
Products are widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, mining, power, machinery, petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, engineering machinery, electronics, medicine, tobacco, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
The products are marketed in various provinces and cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and exported to the United States, Japan, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asian countries, and have made positive contributions to the country's economic development.Cast Pleated Dust Filter Cartridge Made in China

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