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In other words, it is necessary to think about the activities which fill the whole time of the tourists both visually and mentally and to focus on turning these activities into a product with a program, instead of receiving money for informal activities such as toilet service, taking photos or silly guidance.As known by everyone working on this subject, a tourist will want to spend hisher time of hours to the fullest.Heshe is even ready to eat hisher meal in haste for this.The table is also given as comparative to the previous year.For this reason, it is necessary to have a structure which will raise the tourism incomes and will save the country from being a country that deceives the tourism and tourist and earns income by deceiving and will develop the <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Duloxetine-hydrochloride">Targetmol's Duloxetine hydrochloride</a> potential of the country.Religion tourism is followed by culture and congress tourisms and rural tourism.The tourism based on the trinity of sea, sand and sun apart from these has not much interesting features because it can be found almost everywhere around the world.Especially rural tourism carries a feature that can draw attention in almost every region around the world because there are different rural activities.Agriculture is the primary among the most important activities drawing attention of people from beginning to today.Each of the activities of grape harvest, pekmez making, winter food and drink preparing constitutes tradable and interesting activities.However, it is necessary to attaching all these to a program based on certain day, hour and place and present to the tourists.Unfortunately, it has been impossible to redo these activities into tourism because of selfishness to hold tourist groups having come so far only in our own axis.However, it is possible for this great richness to come to the forefront as alternative organizations which both will contribute in income levels of people living in rural areas and please the different authentic emotions of the tourists in cooperation with the tourism companies.In studies about this subject, the authentic aspect of the rural tourism is mostly emphasized, but no concrete suggestion can be made. Yet, it is important to develop concrete examples for tourism authorities and companies and save the rural tourism from being a breakfast in open air.In many studies, having breakfast or picnic in countries are defined as rural tourism activities and importance of this is emphasized. Surely, almost all of the country activities can be defined as rural tourism.In addition, it is suggested in a study that rural tourism activities have no connection with the climate and this is an understanding against the rural life.An unplanned migration can cause to transfer of the present problems in rural area to the cities and problems which are hard to be solved.For this reason, while community development occurs, it is essential to regard also rural areas.On the other hand, the rural tourism has been seen as one of the components important in terms of diversification of the economic activities within the rural development and it has become an ideal holiday   kind for individuals who want to be away from population, air pollution and stress.

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