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The depth of each hole was having cm deep into the tree.Plastic tube cm in length cm in diameter was inserted inside each hole.The trail included five replicates for each treatment besides untreated plots that were served as control.Palms in the tested sites were meters tall and approximately fifteen years old, planted at a density of about palms per acre.Each plot was three acres in size to provide sufficient space between the centres of the plots.Three replicates were established in each the two sites.SPLAT is packaged in caulking tubes which are compatible with readily available caulking guns to apply SPLAT manually which can be used for dispensing the lure in gram quantities called dollops.Although it is recommended that SPLAT dollops be applied directly to the bark of the tree, for the purposes of measuring the number of weevils attracted to and killed by contacting the material, in this study dollops were placed individually at the bottom of a liters bucket, with buckets positioned in each of four meters rows.Rows receiving dollops were spaced meters apart and separated by rows of date palms.Dollop to dollop distance within a row was maintained at meters.The liters buckets were specially fabricated with twelve windows to facilitate easy entry of the adult weevils into the bucket, and to record absolute counts of the weevils captured.The pheromone lure inserted in the lure basket and replace the cap.Pheromone lure is replaced in each six months before running out.Zip tie from below, the opening in the bowl and the through the corresponding hole insert in the trap.The second zip tie use to latch onto this one, tighten until the bowl is snug against the trap, repeat for both sides.The trap is directly placed on a flat surface of the ground and no gap between the ground and the trap.The traditional pheromonefood baited trap consist of cut equidistantly below the upper rim of the bucket were used to facilitate easy entry of the attracted adult weevils into the bucket.To provide better grip for the attracted weevils, jute cloth was stuck on the outer side of the bucket.The bottom of the bucket is filled with water and various nutritious attractants as baits A dispenser of the red palm weevil aggregation pheromone lure are hung   below the lid using a metal wire.Pheromone lure is replaced in each month before running out.Traps maintenance was required during the experimental period.All traps were inspected weekly during the experimental period to register number of trapped weevils, clean traps, refresh the water and food baits and maintenance the traps during the experimental period.The obtained results concluded that <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Rucaparib"></a> injecting the insecticide into the trunk treatment is an effective way to control PRW.The common and practical curative measure is the use of insecticides.Preventive and curative measures include: trunk injection with systemic insecticides.More modern products are being found also to be effective.Pesticide applications should be repeated to avoid an increase in RPW population density. Systemic insecticides such as imidacloprid are favoured to control of the red palm weevil. Starting in, the researchers also used endosulfan percent dimethoate percent EC.

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