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This suffices for patients who present without injury.The patient should be confined in hospital.She should be prevented from becoming anaemnic during pregnancy, and she should be protected from haemorrhage, infection, dehydration, and unnecessary trauma during labour.It would be wise for her to wear fulllength elastic stockings or elastic supporting bandages on both legs during the pregnancy and the puerperium.She should be encouraged to get out of bed and instructed in suitable exercises as soon as <a href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20021046">Targetmol's AKBA</a> possible after the birth of the baby.In addition, anticoagulant therapy should be started immediately after delivery.For the first hours heparin should be given intravenously in a dose of, to, units sixhourly.Estimation of the prothrombin time at daily intervals would be necessary until an adequate reduction of the prothrombin time has been achieved and the maintenance dose for continued therapy has been determined.Occasionally after autoclaving a few faint spots of ink penetrate the container and stain the gauze.Is there any danger in using these stained dressings of absorption of the dye and methaemoglobin formation? It is difficult from the reports to be precise about the amounts of dye staining the cloth, but exposure to the skin for about hours seems to result in sufficient absorption in infants to oxidize their haemoglobin and produce cyanosis.Boiling the napkins after marking removes the hazard.Anxieties have been expressed about the of oral possibility contraceptives causing thrombosis, both venous and arterial, but the incidence of these conditions in oral contraceptive users, to the best of our knowledge, in no way exceeds the expected incidence in women of this age group who do not use oral contraceptives.Evidence that under certain circumstances oral contraceptives may have a hepatotoxic effect suggests that recent history of liver disease should contraindicate their use unless liver function tests are quite normal. a Serum folate was assayed without preincubation minutes of the diluted of preincubation serum, but determinations of whole blood folate activity included frozen prior to precipitation of proteins by autoclaving.The blood was thawed, diluted: with ionfree water, then diluted: in ascorbatephosphate buffer, incubated and assayed.Vitamin B, absorption in vivo was measured by the previously.These in the normal and patients marrow.The to of alone, tetracycline, hog intrinsic rewas fat normal.For personal use only.Other studies of folate single normal fasting subject.The folate assay   with casei without deconjugation.In order determine if senim and erythrocyte with states clinical deficiency, the serum were compared in normal subjects and in folate. For personal use only.Fifteen days the erythrocyte folate subjects.The and the erythrosolution.Following was observed showed in a both patients followed by a rise of whole blood folate.It during the and daily therapy, is J.Figure erythrocyte subacute per vitamin sociated factory ment decrease activity.Serum vitamin intermediate megaloblastic erythrocyte folate activity injection.These studies were determine erythrocyte population that clear relationship between bone marrow serum and erythrocyte folate was found.The difference between the chromatograms was a relative decrease the fraction eluted by. These blood obtained pretreatment therapy after cellulose as described before chromatograms normal posttreatment concentration completion J..DEAE chromatography ous anemia.Chromatogram of a patient pernicious anemia observed of folate activity before with coenzymes and days after the first peak of erythrocytes in pernicifolate of whole blood obtained from with therapy.

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