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Eggs were treated with ultrasonic wave for min at a temperature of approximately C.At day of incubation, the eggs transferred to hatch baskets.There were no foundno significant differences among groups for hatchability of set, or hatchability of fertile eggs. There was no significant increase in embryonic mortality at any stage of incubation in any treatment group who found that ultrasonic treatments did not significantly affect quail hatching eggs hatchability and embryonic mortality.Though we did not collect specific data on this point, we saw no evidence that ultrasound negatively affected the <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Sotalol-hydrochloride"></a> environment.Ultrasound technology can be used as a safe and effective alternative todisinfecting hatching eggs with chemicals.The goats were divided into three groups and allocated at random to three isonitrogenous and isocaloric rations containing groundnut cakes, sesame cakes or sunflower cakes.They were fastened for hrs and weighed weekly before the morning meal.The data was statistically analyzed using the   completely randomized design.Final BW, total weight gains and daily weight gain varied among rations, but not significantly were, respectively for the sunflower cakes ration.Daily weight gain was, and, respectively for rations containing groundnut cakes, sesame cakes and sunflower cakes, respectively.It is important to produce cheap and high quality meat and exploit less utilized types of meat to meet demands and reduce prices.The demand for goat meat is increasing in developed countriesmainly due to immigrants and the disputed correlation between cholesterol and saturated fatty acids and cardiovascular diseases.Goat meat has high nutritive value and muscles and low fat and cholesterol. Sudan ranked th in world goat population and th in world goat meat production, but is not among the main world goat meat exporters. Improving goat meat production will make it competitive locally and abroad and increase demands, exports and national income.Crop residues are important in filling the nutritional gap, but generally have low nutritive value due to low CP and high CF limiting feeds dry matter intake and animals performance. Concentrates are not commonly used and improved animals performance. Different cakes are used in concentrates with variations in feeds nutritive value.Groundnut cakes DM and CP degradation were higher than cottonseed cakes and sunflower cakes and the latter had the least values. Sunflower cakes had higher molecular weight amino acids concentration followed by cotton seed cakes and then groundnut cakes and it was postulated that is why groundnut cakes was unstable protein and the other two cakes were stable.They were housed in individual pens and treated against external and internal parasites.They were divided into three groups according to body weight and then allocated at random to three experimental rations.The rations were fed in two equal meals at am and pm.Weight gain was determined by weighing the animals before the morning meal after fasting for hrs to avoid variations in gut contents, at the beginning of the experiment and then weekly to the experiment end.Total weight gain was calculated as the difference between initial and final BW.Daily weight gain was calculated as the difference between successive BW divided by the days between them.Feed conversion ratio was calculated by dividing the total feed intake by total weight gain.

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