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Government support must be increased and product purchase guarantee has to be given.The sheep that grazed only pastures without any supplemental feeding served as the control group.The creep feeding of the lambs with concentrated feed were also realized in the adjacent bare plots.Lambs that had access to supplemental feeding grew faster than lambs grazing pasture alone.Across the years, the extra lamb liveweight that was gained through creep supplementation was, and gper lamb for concentrate, birdsfoot trefoil and alfalfa, respectively.Concentrate supplementation to grazing animals, even at small quantities, has been reported to increase the feeding efficiency of pastures through improved fibre degradation. Alternatively, complementary feeding with forage legumes may fill the void of summer feed gap with more affordable costs of feeding as compared to concentrates.It was hypothesized that the concentrate may provide reliable support for lamb growth but forage legumes may lead to more efficient and cost effective lamb production than the concentrate.The experiment was a randomized complete block design with three replicates.The treatments were: a continuous pasture grazing creep grazing alfalfa continuous pasture grazing creep feeding concentrate. The groups of ewelamb pairs were randomly assigned to one of. ha pure alfalfa or BFT stands.kg DM d per lamb, was calculated by dividing pre grazing pasture mass by the number of animals per unit area.<a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/3-O-Acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellicacid">Targetmol's AKBA</a> Poloxalene, an antifoaming agent was administered as a top dressing on creepgrazed alfalfa stands.Liveweight gain was determined by weighing the lambs prior to and following each grazing period.All lambs were weighed after an approximately h withdrawal from feed and water.LWG per head was calculated from the change in weight between each liveweight measurement date.Creepsupplemented lambs grew faster than control lambs in the second periods of the grazing.While there was no difference in lamb growth rates among the creepsupplemented lambs in the third period, lambs that creep grazed alfalfa had and gper head d greater liveweight gains than those grazed BFT and concentrate consuming lambs, respectively, in the final period of grazing.In, a creep feeding period interaction was also detected for the lamb growth rates.In contrast, lambs that creep grazed alfalfa grew and gper head d faster than the lambs that were creepgrazed BFT and creepfed concentrate, respectively in the last period of grazing.Consistently poor LWG of control lambs in summer emphasized the need for supplementation in the current study.The lambs that had access to a form of creep supplementation had greater LWG than control lambs from the onset of supplementation period to weaning and consequently, they had kg greater final LW than   control lambs in both years.Though, it is worth to mention that the safe grazing of alfalfa in the current study was only enabled through application of poloxalane.Birdsfoot trefoil provided high lamb growth rates which was comparable to creep concentrate feeding.The satisfactory performance of birdsfoot trefoil may be attributed to its high nutritive value and condensed tannin content that has been reported to improve livestock performance through protecting against the rapid breakdown protein in the rumen. In the present study, lambs consumed concentrate considerably less than both forage legumes.

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