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Potassium may promote the development of thicker outer walls in epidermal cells, thus preventing disease attack.In addition, the balance between N and K affects disease susceptibility of plants.In addition, K reduces the incidence of various diseases depends on different formulations of potassium. Phosphorus nutrition improves plant disease resistance is another important nutrient that affects the susceptibility to diseases in two ways.Mn has an important role in lignin biosynthesis, phenol biosynthesis, photosynthesis and several other functions has important roles in protecting plant cells from damage by reactive oxygen species. This research aims to determine the effects of nutrients on fire blight disease and their use in sustainable agriculture.Fertilizers were obtained different commercial firms.Disease severity was calculated by measuring the proportion of the length of the blighted part of the shoot to the whole length of the shoot. Especially, suckingpiercing insects and powdery mildew were controlled by a proper spraying program.Rather than a simple process, it is a complicated balance involving the bacterium with many host conditions and meteorological and edaphic factors. Obtaining low disease control by various nutrients can be attributed to artificial inoculation by hypodermic injection, use of high bacterial inoculums density and susceptible host plants in the experiments.One such factor is the production of vigorous growth through applying too much nitrogen.Numerous investigators have associated fire blight infection with nitrogen.Our studies showed that relatively highnitrogen content correlated with susceptibility and the reverse with resistance to fire blight.The excessive or deficient supply of one element may have an important effect on the balance of elements in the composition of a plant and may affect its susceptibility to fire blight.Therefore the grower should supply his apple and pear trees with a balanced nutrition that will produce maximum yield of highquality fruit without increasing blight.Less fire blight was observed in inoculated trees that received low nitrogen and high potassium plus an adequate supply of other macro elements and micro elements.Lowest disease severity was found in trees with a high supply of calcium. A low supply of boron also appeared to reduce susceptibility.In sustainable agriculture balanced nutrition is an essential component of any integrative crop protection program because in most cases it is more costeffective and also environmentally friendly to control plant disease with the adequate amount of nutrients and with no pesticides.Nutrients can reduce disease to an acceptable level, or at least to a level at which further   control by other cultural practices or conventional organic biocides are more successful and less expensive.The use of prediction models taking into consideration appropriate timing and climatical factors are essential to control and limit the spread of fire blight disease.More research is required to find how the nutrients increase or decrease disease <a href="https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15868911">Targetmol's Irinotecan</a> tolerance or resistance, what the changes are in apple metabolism and how this can be used to control of fire blight disease.In addition most of alien species are not covered by the plant health regimes and EU IAS regulations what facilitate their spread.Bulgaria is threatened by introduction of alien species because of its geographic position, diverse climate and rapidly increasing trade over the last two decades.

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