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The resulting voltammograms showed welldefined reduction stripping peaks and the standard addition plots were linear.Thus, it can be concluded that the components of the sample matrix do not interfere with vitamin B determination.In the meantime, this new biosensor is simple, sensitive and selective within a short manipulation time.Table shows the results obtained in this study and others published elsewhere.The detection limit of the proposed assay was in the range of nmolL.In addition, the detection limit of the proposed methodology, comprising the modified CPE with and dsDNA, is lower than that   of the unmodified CPE are lower that of the proposed biosensor.In spite of their advantages arising from low detection limits, generally modified electrodes are made of expensive materials like gold nanotubes. Also these nanomaterials or screen printed electrodes have complex synthesis processes and electrode preparation is very difficult. In comparison with other electrodes, carbon paste can be supplied extremely cheap.So we developed a costeffective electrode, with a wide linear range and relatively low detection limit, which is feasible for the electroanalytical determination of vitamin B in real samples.Conclusively, this sensor can have future potential in its application as a general platform for the detection of other <a href="http://www.targetmol.com/compound/Amitriptyline-hydrochloride"></a> vitamins of group B in real samples and can serve as a useful tool in the diagnoses of infectious diseases.Moreover, a non destructive detection array was proposed.Polypyrrole, a new possibility for covalent binding of oxidoreductases to electrode surfaces as a base for stable biosensors.DIMITROPOULOU G J.Analytical electrochemistry of vitamin B on a bismuthfilm electrode surface.Development of an electrochemical DNA biosensor for the detection of vitamin B complex.The user has requested enhancement of the downloaded file.Accordingly, there are albeit scanty reports that alcoholics may have low serum cobalamin levels, which in some cases may revert to normal after prolonged abstinence. Alcoholics gastritis has been generally indicated as a background cause of this phenomenon although such clinical entity has been questioned for a long time.Shaw et al have suggested by experimental work that ethanolinduced reactive oxygen species may hamper gastric intrinsic factor binding of B.We haveveryrecently shownth atanovelor al antioxidant, obtained from yeast fermented mixture of medicinal plants is able to markedly decrease the oxidative stress in alcoholics taking place during the early phase of abstinence. All patients underwent a careful personal interview to establish ethanol consumption and drinking behavior.A detailed diethistory method was carried out and nutrient intakes were calculated by using a standardized foodcomposit ion table. Drinking habit was mostly wine at meal times and between meals.There was no concomitant or prior regular consumption of medications or drugs at the entry into the study.On these occasions, some of them had received parenteral thiamine administration but none had been given cyanocobalamin supplemen tation under any formulation.Two patients were positive for antibodies to hepatitis B virus infection.There was no evidence of pancreatic insufficiency or intestinal bacterial overgrowth.As a control group, teetotaler subjects undergoing gastrointestinal investigations for nonulcerlike dyspepsia and devoid of peptic ulcer or any other relevant gastrointestinal disease were considered.Both patients and control subjects had not used vitamin supplements.

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